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Low Dose Enlightenment to Create an High Impact Life --->.

Accept IT - Your 'DREAMS' are DYING.

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Strictly FINANCIALLY speaking

– (If) you ARE an average person in America today -

Accept IT – Your ‘DREAMS’ are DYING. And – You don’t have much time. If you are stubborn, you will continue reliving the past. If you are hopeful, you will feel obligated to try everything in your power to alter your existing reality. If not for yourself, for the sake of your loved ones.

Can you Imagine (it)?

A lot of people won’t try anything outside of their ability to imagine it. And even if imagination takes hold, it will always wage war with the need to remain in the comfort zone. Most people truly never believe that they can be millionaires and billionaires. They have limited themselves and created a self imposed reality for themselves, which unfortunately comes true and then they say – “See, I told you so!”

Imagine for yourself, if you said to everyone, “I WILL become a Millionaire” – and when it happens, you can exclaim, “See, I told you so!”

If you can Imagine (it), why won’t you do (it)?

There is a popular Nike commercial – Just Do It! Well, for many people, the ‘just’ becomes ‘justification’. They justify their inaction with a lot of excuses. Some, valid; majority of them, just plain old bull.

The limitation one often places upon themselves comes from many sources and due to many reasons, one of which is fear and others being not feeling deserving of it, insecurity, lack of certainty, carelessness, or just pure cynicism.

Your actions fuel from these closely held belief sources. Assuming a negative future reality before it can ever happen is a limited way of thinking which shuts down possibilities of a better life, not just for you, but for your loved ones as well.

Why does anyone want to become a millionaire, anyways?

It is not even a status symbol to be a millionaire nowadays. A million dollars is not what it used to be. Considering inflation and what things costs these days, you will need approx 3-4 million dollars today, to match what 1 million dollars could buy 20 years ago.

It takes $1000, 1000 times over to make a million dollars. Even if someone makes $1000 a week at their job, it would take that person almost 20 years to earn 1 million dollars. Some never earn a million in their lifetime; while some earn that much in a month or better. Why? Are they special. Did God made them anymore special than YOU?

No, no, no. They traversed the other side of the wealth equation because they began to THINK differently. They then, had a plan and a SYSTEM which worked, in place. They then, worked their $%# off to realize their dreams.

$1 into $1 Million is your best excuse why someone (who is financially average) will NEVER be RICH and Wealthy. There are no illusions. If you CAN’T imagine it CAN happen, you will ignore it. This is how life unravels itself. You will only do stuff you believe in. You may get a million ideas from a million sources, but you won’t act on them unless you begin to believe.

What is your net worth this very minute?

The amount of money, assets, income you have right now is the value of your accumulated beliefs over the years since you were a little kid. Your environment gave you your belief system. This is why the very wealthy are NOT thinking like much of the masses. If you have only $1000 in the bank, this is what you ever believed in.

You may verbally deny it; but your actions (in the past and in current moments) speaks for itself. Your past actions were ONLY going for the amount of money you currently have. If you want more, you’ll believe in greater possibilities. You will, 1st, become a better person by acquiring more useful knowledge and current market driven skills and 2nd – do more by way of applying the knowledge and skills in to action in the marketplace. Consistently!

The ‘only’ true smart person in this day and age is the one who

1] is ‘EXTREMELY’ well off financially, now, and in the ‘FORESEEABLE’ future.

2] has the ‘ABILITY’ & ‘INTENTION’ to change the world for the better.

To live the best life, one has to feel worthy of it. If you do not feel worthy of what you want, you actions will go for limited number of experiences you feel worthy of; regardless, if you enjoy them or not, whether it is in your best interests or not.

If you wish to become a $1 into $1 Million, millionaire, first – you must believe, and then feel worthy of it. Else, you will continue to have limited life experiences you feel worthy of.

Of course, even if you understand this in totality, you are not asked to feel these thought processes and simulate them in your life instantly. That will not happen right away. It will take some time for some, ages for others and almost never, for a select few. The grip of current reality which controls your life is powerful indeed.

If you want to be wealthy, you’ll need to escape the hold of your so called existing reality over your day to day decisions. For those decisions, gave you what you hitherto have. What makes you think (it) will give you anything different in the future? You are trapped by your own thinking.

$1 into $1 Million is a 10 level educational system revealing the secrets to earn your first ($1 into $1 million) million. Become a guest with a free signup and discover (in the ever important Bronze Chapter) the single most important secret to your success or lack thereof. It will cost you just $1 and likely one of the best dollar you’ll have ever spent.

Plus, you will get your own membership account with which you can sell this education system to others.

The $1 into $1 Million system was created as a personal challenge for certain individuals who want to test their limiting theories and beliefs about money, wealth and success. This is not a system which will run after you to remind you what you need to do for your sake.

Either you DO (it) or you Won’t! Either you DO (it) or you Don’t! It is as simple as that.

Very Important : Please Read - $1 into $1 Million Informal Earnings Disclaimer --->.

$1 into $1 Million system is NOT -

A Business Opportunity.

A Get Rich Quick endeavor.

A Helping Hand to Motivate You every Minute of the Day.

A Do Nothing Sit Idle Reward System.

What (IT) is, is a personal challenge asking you to follow through 10 steps so you can become a $1 into $1 Million, Millionaire.

How far you go is completely up to you. No “if’s” – “and’s” or “but’s”.

So, what is $1 into $1 Million?

$1 into $1 Million is a predictable and functional system which challenges you to earn $1 Million.

Take any financial activity you may be engaged with in your life. Each of those activity has a maximum dollar value attached to it. And, you are consciously choosing to engage with it.

Your job will only pay you so much. So will, overtime. If you are an entrepreneur, depending on the industry and the market, the potential to grow your business is unlimited. But, the risks also go hand in hand with the outcome; good or bad.

However, the $1 into $1 Million system is very predictable. If and when you complete the 10th level, you are guaranteed to become a Millionaire at the very least.

Who will get to the 10th level, the fastest?

The one who conquers the voice in the head. 99% of the time, the voice in the head is self-destructive when it comes down to empowering the self financially. The voices in the head does a great job (for the most part) in keeping us safe and functional in our day to day lives, yet, it has a terrible performance history where money is concerned.

Don’t believe it? Just check an average persons bank account. It will say it all.

When one has more disposable money, what do most people do?

They spend. Yes, they do! They buy stuff. And that is good news for the economy, especially for the local economy. So, when you begin to earn money from your $1 into $1 Million system, you will eventually use your surplus to buy a new car, a new home, use skilled professionals for your living needs. And this conclusively helps the local economy, mainly local small businesses. This is one paramount reason why you should take the $1 into $1 Million challenge.

$1 into $1 Million is a platform designed for you to EARN $1 Million or more based on YOUR decisions. The system is in many ways an effort to make one realize that – In spite of wishing for more and desiring the best in life, most people consciously or subconsciously work only as much as what they want in life. Just observe your day today. Look at the moment to moment decisions you make and specific actions you take. They will all be about what you want in the moment. No one has a gun to your head. Then you may wonder, why? Why you don’t have more in life as you wish for?

More importantly, each of your specific financially relevant micro and macro actions have specific dollar value. Case in point, if you choose a $10 per hour job, you are pre-designing a life-style even before it occurs. If you make yourself skilled to take a $100 per hour enterprise, you have already begun the process of experiencing a completely different life, ahead of time. So, life doesn’t happen in the future. It happens in the moments of your current decision making; every hour, every day!

Your minute by minute decisions matter because you are consciously or subconsciously creating your lifestyle in those moments regardless of what you may be wishing for. Either your actions are in tune with your wishes and desires or you are in total and complete delusion. If the latter, your actions must change and allow them to be in sync with your wishes and desires.

$1 into $1 Million is not a business, but a self-improvement challenge. We do not claim or promise that you will end up becoming a millionaire UNLESS you have completed all 10 levels of our educational chapters. Our program requires that you share your system chapters and affiliated website (you must have your own domain name as instructed in the Silver Chapter) with others. Members must have completed at least ‘Gold’ level in order to get paid on a monthly basis pending minimum accumulation of $100.

All members must comprehend the ‘Bronze Chapter’ which details why an individual is completely a determinant of their present and future. It is vital to understand that every penny you ever wanted to have in your life is caged in the moments of your decisions; every minute of the day. Every minute of the day provides an opportunity for you to make a range of decisions and it is a vivid indicator on why you have what you have in your life.

Did you know? The world around you is blameless. You are exactly and actively pursuing what you have acquired thus far. You can change what you can have in the future in a snap decision and following the course of action until it corroborates with the reality you wish to live.

$1 into $1 Million will work for you as much as you wish to make it work for you. It won’t do anything for you on its own. It is a vehicle with a map. You must drive. It is not mass transit. The system will not favor the lazy and/or reward the unenterprising.

If you remain loyal to the system, the system will make your dream – a reality. If you give up, the system will give up on you. It is called a challenge for a reason. It wants you to not quit so you can earn your rightful million and hopefully many more.

1 into 1 Million

Fact : Small businesses create the majority of jobs in America. When small businesses thrive, they staff more people.

and help create jobs for the local economy.

1 into 1 Million

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